The journey has started at the age of six when Maono found in his room a guitar. From that point on it took over his life and most of his actions. Before establishing himself as Maono, he had played in Indie, Blues, Jazz, and Funk bands until he started gathering all his influences with Hip Hop and House.

The name Maono comes from an old language Swahili and means Visionary, as it corresponds to his mindset. He started releasing music under that alias at the end of 2019, which pushed him to create every day and release at least one record a month. His studio is based in Berlin, where he spends most of his time. People say that the quarantine had started in September 2019 when he graduated from a university and locked himself down to fully focus on music. Originally he comes from Poland but moved to Berlin in 2017.

Maono’s upcoming release is based on many strong experiences of 2019 when he was traveling a lot to an Italian city Pesaro. He was working on his start-up to create a product for the producer/ dancer/DJ scene to revolutionize the performances and creation process.

They built a Motion Capture Midi Controller, which allowed to map multiple parameters of instruments or effects to the performer’s body movements. Original curves, new sounds, and making music by dancing caught the attention of the industry, for example at Tech Open Air 2019 in Berlin.
Beautiful spring and summer, perfect sea, mountains, and of course the most delicious pasta of an Italian grandma connected to hard work on a project itself, as well as breaking through the Italian bureaucracy are combined in the first song Pesaro.
However, after the first success and gained funds, the whole thing broke. Due to a conflict inside the project team, the startup had to be resolved and all the work would go on the shelf with valuable experiences. Here comes the second track Too Good To Go, which connects the end of the amazing experiences of the past year with peace and blank page for even more upcoming projects. Even better things are to come, even though a plan of original Italian pasta every day had to go.