With our name mainly inspired by our broad range of electronic genre’s, we have formed an artist and business-friendly music label, artist management and publishing company which allows artists to forge their own unique path in the music industry. Multicolor Records is a fully independent platform that will understand the people who create the most expressive form of art. We passionately support our artists, helping them cultivate lasting and lucrative careers through our network of music business professionals and promotion channels. 

To participate at the Multicolor family you don’t have to reinvent the physical laws of gravity. You only have to be part of a solution that works out no matter what. A solution that provides matter into the future of Multicolor Records.

In terms of creating music and profiling yourself as an artist, we position your own imagination as a marker of limitation.
Supporting true desires is our aim, but to have a continues “free flow” we try to avoid things such as single-minded characters.